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MACE NI Retailer Zone

If you are interested in becoming a MACE Retailer...

MACE has been completely revamped under Musgrave ownership, and now has a more modern look and feel, an enhanced product range, a stronger value proposition and more comprehensive supply chain, enabling retailers to serve their local communities even better than ever.

The commercial offer wholesale pricing and rebate structures has also been fully reworked and MACE is now the lowest cost symbol in the market in terms of charges and fees, as well as the fastest growing.

If you want a more flexible relationship with your wholesale partner, take a look at the 'new MACE' - the 'lighter touch' convenience store brand, for retailers who prefer a bit more independence.

Switched-on to your local needs ...

To find out more about the new and improved MACE offer, contact Mairead or Dennis on 028 9078 7190 or email

MACE Toolkit

Click here to access the MACE Toolkit for Retailers. [Opens in a new window / tab]

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